At Baby Blue Blueberries, we provide starter plants to be grown in your garden or field with harvest in about 2 years.  We have a limited quantity of larger plants that will be ready to produce blueberries in about one year (check on availability).

We are currently suspending blueberry plant shipment for the 2014 summer; however, selected plants are available for pickup from our Southwest Michigan farm – call for more information.

We will begin shipment again in the fall of 2 year old plants.  Duke, Elliott and a smaller selection of Blue Crop will be available  until late fall.

Interested in buying blueberry plants? Visit our Buy Blueberry Plants page.

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    About Us

    Baby Blue Blueberries is a Southwest Michigan farm providing young blueberry plants for sale to blueberry enthusiasts and professionals alike.

    Customers Say…

    I received my plants is very good condition. I was very impressed with the size and root mass of the plants, particularly for the VERY reasonable price. The other 4 people who shared the order were quite happy with the plants. I will surely recommend you to anyone considering blueberries. Now if I can cope with my alkaline soil and hard water. Thank you and the best of luck with your business.
    -Bruce Evans

    The plants arrived safely on Wednesday. They are all potted up and waiting to get outside in a couple weeks. I am extremely pleased with their nice size and root development. Wish I bought more! Hopefully with a successful summer, I will be in touch to order more next spring.

    Thanks again.

    Joe from NH